NightL1zard Leads the Massive Unibet Open Online High

Unibet Poker

Day 1 of the huge Unibet Open Online High took place on October 11 and what a starting flight it was. Unibet Poker guaranteed €250,000 would be won and any fears that chunky sum wouldn’t be hit were soon dashed after 387 players created a €406,350 prize pool. This is the biggest online prize pool awarded by Unibet Poker!

Only 64 of those starters made it through to Day 2, which shuffles up and deals at 7:05 p.m. CET on October 12. Two of those returning players will go empty-handed because 62 places are paid. A min-cash weighs in at €1,767 with a final table appearance boosting this sum to €6,192. The eventual champion, however, walks away with bragging rights and a €79,998 cash prize.

Unibet Open Online High Payouts

Place Prize
1 €79,998
2 €56,962
3 €41,394
4 €29,720
5 €22,641
6 €16,627
7 €12,027
8 €8,667
9 €6,192
10-11 €4,774
12-15 €3,714
16-20 €3,185
21-26 €2,832
27-35 €2,474
36-44 €2,121
45-53 €1,946
54-62 €1,767

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Unibet Open Online High Top 10 Chip Counts

Place Player Chips
1 NightL1zard 361,693
2 thrsths 328,732
3 Lapeok 271,341
4 lovebeaches 240,962
5 riptrump 237,007
6 BecomeLegend 205,080
7 thyragray84 162,537
8 91kid15 154,005
9 John_smith2 150,465
10 MrScaletta 146,283

“souzoc” returns to action in the enviousness position of being the shortest stack. They sit back down with 6,212 chip, a shade under two big blinds.

At the other end of the chip counts you find “NightL1zard” who is one of two Unibet Poker players returning with more than 300,000 chips. The chip leader has 361,693 chips in their arsenal while second-placed “thrsths” sits back down with a healthy stack of 328,732 chips.

Unibet Poker Ambassadors Reach Day 2 of the €25,000 Unibet Open Online High

The €100 buy-in edition of the Unibet Open Online took place alongside the €1,100 edition and that too smashed its guarantee. €45,026 is up for grabs with the guarantee weighing in at €25,000.

A trio of the site’s ambassadors navigated their way through to Day 2.

David “DavidLappin” Lappin bagged up 110,834 chips, enough for 40th place from the 66 returning players. Thirty-five spots are paid so Lappin need to improve his situation if he’s to at least min-cash for €389.

Team mates Dara “Dokey” O’Kearney and Charlotte “Sjlot” Van Brabander have no fears of bubbling this event. O’Kearney bagged up 345,040 chips, while Van Brabander returns with 259,737 chips. These stacks are enough for fourth and fifth place respectively at the restart, putting them in serious contention for the €9,477 top prize.

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