New Unibet rakeback program from April 1st, 2021

Unibet’s new revamped VIP program brings a lot of rakeback to poker players

After the Unibet software was completely revised at the end of 2020, the time has finally come on April 1st, 2021 and the new revised VIP system will come into force. Unibet has made fantastic progress in recent years and is one of the few providers that does not belong to a large network and works completely independently. The big minus point is the very complicated VIP system and that, as a frequent player, you get very little Rakeback compared to other poker sites. But that is about to change and from April we want to reward the frequent players and create an incentive to play poker at Unibet.

With the changes, they are sending a very clear signal that they want to put some pressure on the competition and that they are now focusing a little more on professional players and not just on casual players as has been before. Due to the changes, some regulars will certainly find their way to Unibet’s virtual poker tables and put pressure on providers such as the iPoker network, 888 or WPN in terms of player numbers.

How does the new VIP System / Rakeback program work?

Unibet is saying goodbye to challenges and introducing a simplified system where you’re rewarded for your volume (rake paid). No need to keep track of challenges anymore, no separate setup for each game type etc.

The loyalty system will continue to be quarterly, with a reset happening on the 1st of January, April, July and October. There are two aspects to the monetary rewards:

  1. Tier rewards. These are quite similar to today, in the sense that you unlock a financial reward when you reach a certain amount in rake (today it’s just challenge points). There’re 34 different tiers, and the rewards range from 10 bonus points to €1 HexaPro ticket and €3000 in cash.
  2. Bonus points multiplier. In addition to the tier prizes, you’re also rewarded for every cent that you rake, from the moment you’ve raked €5 in the quarter. You simply get bonus points credited as you play, and the bonus points multiplier will increase as you level up in the system. When you’ve raked €5, you’ll start to get 2% in rakeback, as you reach €25 it increases to 3.5%, and once you’ve raked €9005, you’ll get 18%.

NB Upon reaching level 6 (€2,205 in quarterly rake), you unlock 12% bonus points multiplier rakeback, which is carried over to the next quarter. Upon reaching level 7 (€9,005 in quarterly rake) 18% bonus points multiplier rakeback is unlocked and carried over to the next quarter.

Note that the monetary system isn’t active in Belgium and Sweden, due to local regulatory requirements, the bonus points multiplier isn’t active in Denmark and they’re two different systems for the remaining markets: a more generous one for our core markets and one less generous for a small group of markets that are bad for the ecology (Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Poland).

Below is a graph comparing the different systems to challenges. The challenges figures are based on actual customer rakeback figures for Q3 of 2020. Please note that neither monthly missions (big impact on first levels) nor double trouble (3% additional rakeback) are included in this. Double trouble is set to be replaced as well (deadline unknown), so that all game types are taken into consideration, and it won’t be necessary to do well in an MTT, to get something back.

Carry-over multiplier (level 6 and 7) applied in above graph.

Customers raking from a couple hundred to +10k will be better off with the new loyalty system, and in some cases by quite a lot. The highest possible rakeback is just over 51%. Please note that we do have the option to put players on an individual higher bonus points multiplier, which we will make use of in some cases.

Carry-over and migration

Today, when you reach 500,000 challenge points, carry-over for the next quarter is unlocked, and there’s also the partially completed challenges carry-over. We obviously can’t carry-over the points in the usual fashion for Q2, so instead, we’ll do a manual payout of the carry-over value (looking at challenges payouts that would have been achieved with carry-over) in bonus points.

Customers raking €2,205 or €9,005 in Q1 will also be manually upgraded to the 12%/18% bonus points multiplier at the start of the quarter.

The bonus shop will remain – and have even greater importance with the new system – and the points value will remain unchanged as well.

Rakeback Table

Below are just select steps (there’re 34 tiers in total – for instance, 3 steps between the 2k and 9k example below).

Note that monthly missions are excluded from the below and these generally offer a total of €60 in value (full quarter) with a pretty amazing rakeback percentage; often around 50%.

Please note that the information in the following table might be amended before going live in April.

Rake paid Rakeback Rakeback %
€ 5 € 0.5 10.0%
€ 25 € 3 11.8%
€ 105 € 12 11.7%
€ 230 € 38 16.5%
€ 480 € 69 14.4%
€ 1,405 € 237 16.9%
€ 2,205 € 504 22.8%
€ 9,005 € 3,560 39.5%
€ 20,555 € 8,639 42.0%
€ 32,105 € 13,718 42.7%
€ 43,655 € 22,297 51.1%

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