New Poker Podcast series

Intertops Poker sponsored the very first episode of a new poker podcast, The Swedest Deal!

With COVID basically killing travel and live poker, people/poker players are spending even more time at home and in front of their computer than before!

To try to bring back a bit more ‘human interaction’ into people’s/poker players’ lives and daily routine, we thought it would be a good idea to create a podcast with really good content. A podcast where we get people to share their experiences, thoughts etc. on the past year, covid, poker, politics, life in general etc. etc…

We found the best solution when well-known sports and poker interviewer Rikard Åberg told us about his new project. In this new poker podcast series he talks to some of the most famous players over the years from the start of the poker boom until the present today.

In this episode Rikard interviews Martin Jacobson, WSOP main event winner from 2014, and talks about how he got into poker, his first, short-lived experience of WSOP 2008, the road to becoming one of the strongest players in Europe, to eventually winning WSOP 2014. They also talk about life after the win, outside poker, family, healthy living, life today and going forward.


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