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A site presenting the best, new online casinos in the US. A site where you will find high-quality Poker rooms among other games. With separate gambling laws throughout the states finding good casinos is not a simple matter. Thankfully, you have access to great sites like Casino Frog which updates you regularly about new online casinos.

A Short History Of The US Online Poker

From the year of 1997 online Poker has captured US citizens’ interest. Poker games, with its easy rules, give every player adrenalin-rush and (with some luck) a win. But the history of online Poker within the States is far from a steady.

From Illegal To Legal – State By State

The very first state legalizing online Poker was Nevada which passed the bill in 2012. Not long after Delaware became the second state to legalize online gambling.

Since 2012 both New Jersey and West Virginia have legalized online gambling as well. The fifth and final state until present is Pennsylvania. Hopefully more states become gambling-friendly states soon but as for now only five states offers online Poker.

Casino Frog Gives You The Latest Online Casinos With Poker Games

All card players probably have an interested in finding the newest Poker rooms online. One tip is to check out Casino Frog were lists of new online casinos in the US is published, gambling and poker rooms as well.

On casino Frog, you will find:

• New online casinos
Casino news revolving the US
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• And much more

What Poker Games You Can Expect

Not every online casino has all Poker games. Unfortunately, you need to check the casinos Poker section before you know if the casino is a site of your liking. With that said, some games are more common than others.

Texas Hold’em

The most popular Poker game is, without a doubt, Texas Hold’em. This is also one of the Poker games you will find on US online casinos. Try your lucky hand in the live casino and as Video Poker. In short terms if you love Texas Hold’em will you not be disappointed.

7-Card Stud Poker

A Poker game well known to long time Poker players. Before Texas Hold’em got to the top of the popularity-list 7-Card Stud was one of the most played games all over the nation.

You can find some versions of 7-Card Stud instead of the original game. A few versions you will see is:

• Down The River
• Mississippi Stud
• Baseball

Down The River

Down the River is an original version of 7-card Stud Poker. Only difference is the name which originates from the early days of Poker Gambling. Today players have named the last card “River”.

Mississippi Stud

Another famous version of 7-Card Stud Poker on new online casinos is Mississippi Stud. This version is played against the dealer, or the house. Something you do in the games Caribbean Stud and Let It Ride as well.

Thanks to the game type Mississippi Stud, and the other examples, are extra popular games to play as Video Poker. The rules are the same, as is the probability to win since Video Poker has an integrated RNG on the legal online casinos.


Here you got a cool version of Seven Card Stud which is inspired by the sport Baseball. You will notice this in the game were the numbers 3, 4 and 9 are special cards, like the sport.

Get a wild card which is 3 or 9. Number 4 gives the players one additional card faced down. All special cards make Baseball a little bit more excitement and are recommended for all Poker-lovers to try out.

Some Last Advice For The Road Ahead

If you reside within the US and fancy online Poker (both Live and Video) then Casino Frog is the place to be. Here you will get relevant gambling news, the best, new online casinos in the US and much more.

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