New Hampshire Lottery Teams up with IWG to Launch Jackpot Instant Games

A leader in supplying online, instant win games to lotteries, Instant Win Gaming (IWG), has announced a new partnership with New Hampshire, a state in the New England region of the Northeastern United States. As a result, the second oldest lottery in the country is now ready to launch the provider’s progressive jackpot e-Instant games, including Jungle Tumble, Rainbow Fortunes and Volcano!

As New Hampshirites get access to IWG’s first games to feature progressive jackpot technology with three major in-game prizes, they instantly enter a race where a mini jackpot is expected to be awarded multiple times each day.

There is also a mid-tier jackpot, expected to be awarded on a weekly basis, including a top-prize bonanza expected to be awarded once a month.

Customized Prize Structure

As one of the leading providers of progressive jackpot modules, IWG has customized the prize structure to correspond with a range of specific requirements of the lottery and ensure regular jackpot payments.

Moreover, the New Hampshire Lottery will also take full advantage of the progressive jackpot module which is contained within IWG’s Remote Game Server (RGS). Thanks to this cutting-edge software, the lottery is able to launch progressive jackpot-enabled games like any other e-Instant title, requiring no extra technical support at the iLottery platform level.

With an extensive portfolio of over 100 instant games covering various play styles, themes, mechanics and prize structures, IWG can now easily localize its HTML5 content for any territory, supporting it across mobile and desktop devices.

As it turns out, IWG first teamed up with the State Lottery of New Hampshire earlier in 2020, providing it with numerous “record-breaking” game releases for the iLottery program, such as Viking Cash or Fast Buck Lucky. According to the NH Lottery, adding new products that combine computer entertainment with supreme excitement as well as jackpot-style prizing will further reinforce the organization’s digital footprint on the market.

New Hampshire Lottery executive director, Charlie McIntyre, said about the deal:

“We’ve been thrilled with the success that IWG e-Instant games have brought the New Hampshire Lottery. Now adding IWG’s progressive jackpot-enabled e-Instant games is allowing us to engage with a wider audience through this new and exciting way to win.”

Rhydian Fisher, IWG CEO, also stated:

“The strong performance of our games since launching in New Hampshire is fantastic to see and really underpins the quality of our offering. We are thrilled that the New Hampshire Lottery elected to be among the first lotteries to go live with our progressive jackpot-enabled e-Instant games.”

Fisher added:

“The jackpot module has been tailored specifically for New Hampshire, meaning big prizes are guaranteed to be paid out on a regular basis. We’re delighted for the team at New Hampshire Lottery and believe their enhanced offering will continue to deliver great results.”

Brief Lottery History

Before it was established in 1963, the New Hampshire Lottery saw five bill proposals, whereby the first dates back to 1953. A state representative Larry Pickett of Keene was the first to propose a Sweepstakes bill, which he saw as a viable and voluntary method of raising money for education.

On April 30 1963, Governor John King finally signed the bill and New Hampshire cities voted by special ballot, with 198 of the state’s 211 communities voting in favor of introducing a lottery. On March 12 1964, only two days after the vote, Sweepstakes tickets went on sale.


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