Nevada September numbers decline

Nevada casinos reported higher revenue in September compared to August, but the declines year-over-year were similar in September, according to numbers released Wednesday.

The gaming win was $821.1 million, a 22% decrease from September 2019 when the gaming win was $1.05 billion. Nevada casinos won $743 million in August, a decline of 22%.

Clark County reported $666 million in gaming win, a decline of 26.9% over September 2019. The Las Vegas Strip was down 39.1% while downtown was down 21.4%.

The Boulder Strip was up 1.8% while the balance of Clark County was up 2.2%.

The August casino win fell 25% in Clark County, an improvement from the 28.8% in July. In August, the Las Vegas Strip continued to take a hit by falling 39.1%, the same percentage decline as July. Downtown was down 21.5% in August. It fell 20.6% in July.

The balance of Clark County, which includes many local casinos increased 1.6% from $102.9 million in August.

The Boulder Strip rose 29.6% in August.

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