Need suggestion, what book should i read ? gambling career, compliance and fraud detection.

I just got the job in betting site as compliance officer. My job is to detect fraud activity and bad member that come to abuse game or bonus promotion.

for example, when member do crossbet in live dealer (baccarat) to abuse sign up bonus.

My site have all kind of game. All casino game, sporstbook and RNG (slot). and i have to detect all kind of fraud that related to those game that i never play before.

The problems is i never play or betting before and my understanding of gambling is very limited.

So my plan is i will play all kind of game (to understand the game) and need to bet in sportsbook as well (i never watch any sport before also) + need to find any book and any information that i can find to improve my skills.


Here is the question, Is anyone here can suggest me the book or there is anyway online course or any way to understand more about gambling or fraud in online gambling.

I search a lot but i ended up only found the book that only teach how to bet, never found any book that teach how to detect fraud betting.

I am open for all kind of suggestion and and thank you in advance for all of your help.

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