NBA Daily Discussion – 10/7/20 (Wednesday)

Record 5 | 1 | 7 -3.15U Yesterday :0 | 1 | 2 -4U

❌- Lakers Heats second half over 105(1.816)

🤚- Lakers -6(1.72)

❌- Alex Caruso Over 10.5 PRA(1.83)

My read was correct about slow start first half and more point second half. Too bad both team really put good pressure on opponent. Only 102 second half.

Not to mentioned herro last three points . He is very potential player, big-hearted, calm. The last second three point make the spread push.

Caruso was looking good first half. But the slight injured at the end of third quarter may be affected him. One more thing is he didn’t get the scoring chance, last quarter Lakers needs better FG player to seize the winning chance, so his job is doing the no ball run, switch opponent screen also good defense by him.


  • Lakers -6(1.71) 2U to win 1.42U

  • Lakers Heat Second half over 103.5(1.81) 2U to win 1.62U

  • Rajon Rondo under 18.5PRA (2.00) 2U to win 2U

With Bam back to the field. This help to reduce butler’s burden but also make him less attacking to the rims.

Also, Lakers did a good job defending Jimmy after last game. In last quarter, they switch Davis few times to guard Butler. When Butler got the ball ,Davis (and few players) slightly move the the paint to prevent Butler attack the rims and force him for three points.

In this case, herro, Nunn need to stands up, but we can see Nunn still bad form in playoff. Herro , undeniable good player but he is too quiet in this series. He need to be more aggressive.

However, I still think Lakers has lebron on the field is a advantage. His experience, his good read on the field does help.

Also, Lakers has multiple player to lockdown the paint, isolate bam, forcing other player to shoot in rush.

Rajon Rondo impressed me in this playoff. I am happy at last he found a team that suit him really well after Celtics . Maybe many people think his value is only good assist , carry the ball when lebron not around.

The PRA is high because his overall playoff average PRA more than 19.

But last few games , he got 15 ,36,17,14 . I think this worth a shot here.

Might take Danny green over 11.5 PRA but seem like Vogel knew that Pope or Caruso better vertical movement can lockdown herro, Nunn, Butler better than Danny green.

So he is only played for 22 minutes this game.

Or maybe Vogel want him to take a good rest ready for game 5?

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