My two main strategies for playing lotto tickets

Hey guys! I gamble just about every day and I have developed some strategies with lottery tickets that I want to share and see what your thoughts are.

I’m aware that there is no skill involved but I think it’s better to have some sort of plan based on the odds of your game.

I mostly play a new $30 ticket in my state. There’s 5 unclaimed 3.5m prizes, and then 1/100 odds for a $500 winner. The overall odds of a winner are 1/3, and there is a $30 winning amount which as we all know kind of sucks to be called a winner since you’re only getting your money back.

The first method I have is to buy tickets one at a time and scan until I get a winner. I feel like this makes the most sense as a strategy because hopefully the first ticket is a winner. Usually there’s only a winner every couple of tickets so if I have a winner pretty quickly, I don’t bother buying more because they are likely losers. The downside to this method is that I have to stand there and keep buying tickets at the machine and I feel embarrassed by the people working or rushed if someone walks up behind me mid process.

My second strategy is to buy 10 tickets for an even $300. It seems insane, but it’s important to remember that the odds are that 3 of the tickets will be winners. My most consistent return seems to be around $180 from this strategy, but I’ve struck two $500 tickets from this. One haul was $680 for a profit of $380 and one was $580 for a profit of $280.

I enter all my points into second chance and have won a $500 e-gift card which I was able to convert to cash by setting up two PayPal accounts.

I’m aware that if I keep this up long term I can only expect to lose money, but for some reason I feel like I might get lucky one day and hit the big winner if I just keep playing.

Good luck scratching out there!

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