Monthly Gambling Discussion – Tell us about your latest gambling experiences

I had the greatest shoe of my life the other day. I was visiting one of the CT casinos since they’re so close with my buddies and sat down with a $1000 buy in just looking to enjoy myself on a weekend drinking night and hopefully be able to make some more at blackjack. Sat down to a new shoe, was only me and one other player who while the shoe was hot and (the count was good ,was playing $500 hands and probably made easily $10k) (Tables have max 3 seats due to COVID) and I don’t think I lost more than 5 hands in the shoe and managed to hit a 7 card buster. 50-1 on a $25 bet and winning the entire shoe had me up a couple thousand and I was able to manage to peel myself away with profit, saying I’ll never get a shoe that good again. Just great to finally get a super lucky streak and manage to not lose everything I made back.

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