Mississippi Sees Record-Breaking $67.7M In Sports Betting In Jan.

  • Sports betting fans in Mississippi wagered for a combined $67.7 million.
  • This is the highest single-month sports betting handle since launch.
  • Mississippi still has not launched fully mobile sports betting.

JACKSON, Miss. – The Mississippi sports betting market has continued to see major growth, accumulating to a record-breaking January.

The growth did not just come from the betting handle, but also in a bump in revenue as well. Mississippi is a proven hotbed for sports betting fans in the gulf.

The Magnolia State has managed to see major growth month over month in 2020 and now 2021, all while not yet hosting a truly mobile regulated betting market.

Record-Breaking Start To New Year

Mississippi sports betting fans wagered for a combined $67,707,627.70 in January. This is a 22.4% increase in betting handle from the $55.299 million wagered in December.

The report released by the Mississippi Gaming Commission shows that the bulk of betting activity came from Coastal casinos. With Biloxi being the biggest gambling city in Mississippi, it’s understandable that $46,325,137.94 came from coastal casinos.

The Central region of casinos saw $12,014,887.32 wagered, and the Northern region collected $67,707,627.70.

In terms of sports betting revenue, the Magnolia State saw $9,367,602.44 collected by the local sportsbooks and $1,335,072.65 collected by the state via state tax.

Revenue is up 17.4% month over month and 96.5% year over year. Sports betting activity is also up 49.8% from January 2020.

Mississippi’s success is an interesting case as the state is one of the biggest markets but has no regulated truly mobile or online sports betting.

There is some form of mobile sports betting, but these operations are only accessible within retail casinos and on the ground floor of the hotels.

Off-location mobile betting would boom the Magnolia State even more, but Mississippi has continued to fail to launch their own regulated mobile market.

The success is still admirable, however, as Mississippi benefits from neighboring states not yet launching legal sports betting. Sports betting fans from Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and Louisiana continue to travel to the Magnolia to bet on sports.

The steady stream of traveling bettors may not be sustainable, however. Louisiana has already regulated sports betting although it has yet to launch, and Florida, Georgia, as well as Alabama all have potential legal sports betting bills in the works.

Should these markets launch their own regulated operations, Mississippi may lose out on its stronghold of the gulf region.

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