Millions has been wagered on Polk vs Negreanu

Quite a big update in the upcoming Polk vs Negreanu showdown. It was due to start on November 1 but has been put back to November 4, after the election.

The really interesting change is that the first 200 hands will take place live and streamed on PokerGo, before moving online to

Given that this is a 25,000 hand match, the first 200 hands will surely be a token gesture and probably the only chance we will get to see each man trade barbs with the other.

The betting world takes an interest

Amazingly it is starting to look like more money has been bet on this match than Trump vs Biden in some corners of the poker world. The 4-1 odds you can get on Negreanu seems to have sparked a lot of interest.

Probably the biggest single bets have been from Bill Perkins, who revealed he has seven-figures riding on Negreanu:

If you dive into the replies to that tweet you’ll see a lot of notable names wanting to bet on the match. Most interestingly of all, however, is that Polk himself has an additional $2 million side bet with Perkins that he will win. Keep in mind he has deposited seven-figures on to play against Negreanu, so this will be one of the biggest heads-up matches ever, in terms of money riding on it.

Is 4-1 the right odds on Negreanu? Clearly a lot of players think so, but one player who does not is Marty Mathis, who has suggested that deep heads-up No Limit is such an unforgiving format that Negreanu has no chance.

We won’t get to see KidPoker streaming his six-figure swings, so we can only imagine them courtesy of this video of the lows and lows of his WSOP run online this year:

[embedded content]

Do you have a bet on this match? Let us know in the comments:

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Barry Carter

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