Message to Norm

Hi Norm,

I am the WongCounterApp’s author. I have a fully automated program that registers to your site, posts my thread and instantly does it again every time you delete the thread.

I have absolutely no intentions to harm your site or its community. I would only like to have my thread on this site.

I can offer a deal: if you let my post go through only 1 time, I will cease boting your site. As long as the post is on the forum, you will not see any new registrations or posts from me.
I have seen that you set the rule to review all post before it goes live. I think it is really harmful for your site’s community and I truly do not want to harm you in any means.

This time tomorrow I will check if my post went through, and if yes I take, we have a deal.

Thank you for your time.

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