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Quote: lilredrooster

blackjack experts have a calculation they call “NO”

it means the number of hands or bets required whereby you can be sure your results will exactly or almost exactly match your true expectation

unfortunately I was not able locate (google) and get a precise definition or a means to calculate it

I’m sure KJ knows this and if he reads this post hopefully he will provide this info

it is very useful info

Sorry, I didn’t see this. Thanx for the set up, lilredrooster. 🙂

It is actually N0 (typed N and zero).

Not exactly or almost exactly expectation, but within 1 standard deviation, which is pretty close. If you get above 1 standard D, you are starting to get towards the outer edges of the bell curve. You know, not impossible, but pretty unlikely….like a guy winning all his baccarat trips for a couple years. :/

Since we are talking roulette, an example would be that with a small sample size it would not be unusual to hit blacks at a 2-1 ratio, say 10 out of 15 spins, but with a larger sample size you are not going to continue to hit at 2-1 ratio. It is going to come back down towards “normal” or expectation, meaning within 1 standard deviation.

Now what that N0 would be for something like roulette, I haven’t a clue. I am sure there is a formula for it that Wizard, teliot, doghand or someone can post. That is beyond me. I am stupid and just use the software. (for blackjack) LOL>

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