March Madness prop wagers give interesting chances on two favorites

While Baylor finally destroyed a game title within the it did not do much to change the Bears’ status as one of the three March Madness 2021 favorites.

Right weekend now, Gonzaga, Baylor, and Michigan will be three of the top four seeds when the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament bracket is announced on Sunday, March 14 2021.

But the loss might have changed the way some people see the bracket that is potential

On FOX bet, these day there are four custom future bets available, combined with the future that is regular on the national championship.

  • March Madness 2021 bets that are future*)Gonzaga now has probability of +250,
  • Baylor +300,
  • Michigan +400, the actual only real three chances not as much as +1300 (13-1).

The chances have finally shifted, however, in the bet that offers you Baylor and Gonzaga or the industry. Now, BetMGM Sports provides you with Baylor or Gonzaga to win the name at +120, with Baylor or Gonzaga not to now win the title drifting out to -167.

You can now also bet on Baylor AND Gonzaga to both make the Final Four, at odds of -150, as well as NEITHER Baylor nor Gonzaga to make the Final Four, at odds of +900.

If you are a fan of upsets, that last one must be tempting.

The odds for one of these big two to win the title of +120 looks much better now they were -118.

Make than it did last week, when certain you retain checking right back daily to begin to see the March Madness prop wagers on FOX Bet, as well as on lots of the other sportsbook web sites, due to the fact protection begins to wind up going into next week-end.




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