Man fleeing police leaves behind winning lottery ticket

By Kate Northrop

CANTON, Ga. — One man’s luck ran out after he ran from police and left behind a winning scratch-off lottery ticket.

On Monday morning, deputies pulled over a car on I-75 after noticing a tag violation. The passenger in the car fled the scene and ran into the nearby woods, dropping a backpack containing a laptop, a winning lottery ticket, and a small amount of methamphetamine while doing so.

“To the suspect who ran on foot from our deputies on a traffic stop this morning on I-75, you left a winning $100.00 lottery ticket in your vehicle,” the Cherokee County’s Sheriff’s Office wrote in a Facebook post that afternoon. “You can claim your ticket at 498 Chattin Dr. in Canton. It will be here waiting for you. Congratulations by the way.”

Less than an hour after posting the announcement, the Sheriff’s Office apprehended the suspect near the location of the traffic stop.

“Yes he will get his lottery ticket back but we are keeping his methamphetamine,” the agency wrote in an update.

According to Captain Jay Baker at the Sheriff’s Office, the unidentified man was taken into custody and was charged with possession of methamphetamine and obstruction.

At least he might be able to use the winnings for bail.

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Thanks to Marianne and Bleudog101 for the tip.

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