Loosing twice in a row with KK

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Playing a tournament on 888 poker
preflop i have KK ( UTG +1) put a raise 3 BB and i was leader in chips
get called by the player next to me (kQ) and the button reraised all in
called him. His hand was 88.
flop 8 5 T
then you guess, my king dind’t show
Very next hand KK and the other player AA and I lost all my chips
was so upset that i’m thinking not to play anymore on 888

What do think

You are aware that every time there is a chance you might lose, right?

KK calling pre-flop shove is a safe decision and one that you should continue to do all day long. You will occasionally lose to pocket pairs which hit a set (about 20% of the time), AA which outranks, or AK which outdraws and hits an A about a third of the time (30%).

The silliness here is that you are somehow blaming 888 for your poker woes.
Suck it up, buttercup and play the long game.
Either you learn to play well enough to be able to absorb such occurrences or you stop poker altogether.

If you truly know the odds of all the given scenarios you are in, all you should experience when getting a bad beat is the briefest slivers of disappointment before you forget about it and move on.

When you start feeling unlucky, or that the system is out to get you, you should stamp this out. It will hurt your game. It will hurt your decisions. It takes LOT of hands to ensure that it is just you playing the game well which keeps you in chips, and not variance due to chance.

I strongly suggest you go through the FREE cards chat course:

I promise you. By the time you finish the course, you will feel better about such things.

You need to become immune to variance, and immune to tilt. Play more, care less. It’s about playing range against range, not cards against cards.

Another thing that has helped some people is to drastically reduce calling all-in/shoves. Either get your money in first, or fold to shoves more often. I think people expect there to be a lot more bluffing going on out there than there is, and are calling down shoves with some pretty mediocre hands.

Clearly KK pre-flop is a favourite, but there are many who prefer a game of pot containment, at least until you are more certain of holding the best hand.

Too many people are blindly shoving AKo from under the gun…getting called by three people and then wondering why they keep getting beaten by small pairs. So position is important too (just not in your examples here).

Quick question…did UTG+2 call the all in also? Or was it just you vs the button?

At the end of the day…it was just chance. And chance happens.


Do not go broke with JJ.

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