LIVE AT ROULETTE | 75 Dollar Bill Little Big Band

Well, the 2020 coronavirus pandemic is still deviling us all and, while Che and I have yet to play together again since March, we’re still digging up what we think are worthy recordings from the archives. Here’s a concert we did at Roulette in Brooklyn in Spring of 2017. It was the first time we found ourselves playing a room and situation that lent themselves to our largest “stage band”, this time with nine players! We prepared some new material for the expanded instrumentation and schemed a way to use the room’s structure to allow a bit of the marching band action many of us had participated in when we helped celebrate/mourn Other Music when the store was forced to close a year earlier. The concert also included a few opportunities for some of the musicians to “let go” in ways they don’t often explore when playing with us.

This package begins and ends with versions of songs we’ve released on our “official” recordings: “Like Laundry” starts the set in duo mode (speaking of “letting go”, my funnel horn is pushing the “harmony” pretty far in the introduction here, with Che valiantly adjusting his approach.) The final “I’m Not Trying to Wake Up” follows the the structure of the studio recording with Cheryl Kingan’s crucial baritone sax riffs illuminating the rhythm, but also has the denouement we’ve developed over the years of playing with this gang: Jim Pugliese laying wild counter-rhythms over my basic crate patterns and the fade to massed shakers over the 18-beat pattern. Along the way, Karen Waltuch takes a blazing solo turn over Che’s 2nd section strumming. Between these two “oldies”, the band helps us try all sorts of things. [Titles may tip you off that one or another of us is thinking of Le Sony’r Ra, Norma-Jean Wofford and Mary Hallock-Greenewalt.] Sue Garner and Barry Weisblat work with Karen on one interlude/intro, which leads into the marching section mentioned above. Andrew Lafkas’ upright bass dominates the other “interlude”, with Steve Maing and Che on electric guitars beneath, which introduces “Nourathar (with Space Chord)”. I’m pleasantly surprised by the way tempos and meters work out on this one – it actually kinda swings, could this be a mazurka?

-rick brown

released October 2, 2020

75 Dollar Bill Little Big Band

Live at Roulette Intermedium, Brooklyn, NY

March 27, 2017

Like Laundry

Rick Brown: homemade horns, maracas

Che Chen: quarter tone electric guitar

Interlude #2

Sue Garner: electric bass

Karen Waltuch: viola

Barry Weisblat: signal processing, Casio sk-1

(His Sister, Otherwise Known As) The Duchess

Rick Brown: plywood crate, percussion, vuvuzela

Che Chen: soprano saxophone, 12-string electric guitar

Sue Garner: snare drum

Cheryl Kingan: baritone saxophone, cowbell, bass drum

Andrew Lafkas: bass drum, contrabass

Steve Maing: alto saxophone, electric guitar

Jim Pugliese: tom tom, percussion

Karen Waltuch: alto saxophone, viola

Barry Weisblat: field drum

Interlude #3

Andrew Lafkas: contrabass

Che Chen: electric guitar

Steve Maing: electric guitar

Nourathar (with Space Chord)

Rick Brown: plywood crate

Che Chen: 12-string electric guitar, soprano saxophone

Sue Garner: electric bass

Cheryl Kingan: alto saxophone

Andrew Lafkas: contrabass

Steve Maing: electric guitar

Jim Pugliese: tom tom, congas, percussion

Karen Waltuch: viola

I’m Not Trying to Wake Up

Rick Brown: plywood crate

Che Chen: 12-string electric guitar

Sue Garner: electric bass

Cheryl Kingan: baritone saxophone

Steve Maing: electric guitar

Jim Pugliese: floor tom

Karen Waltuch: viola

Almost Everyone: maracas

Live sound and Recording by Stephe Cooper

Editing, Mix and Cover Design by Che Chen

Mastered by Steve Silverstein

Liner Notes by Rick Brown

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