Lithuania Sees Gambling Revenues Drop

Lithuania reported that the gambling market dropped in terms of revenues for 2020, despite a surge in online revenues for the period.

Gambling as a whole dropped 8.1% for the year, coming in at €103.5 million. Land revenues dropped 39.1% to €43.9 million, while online revenues were up 64.3% to €59.6 million. Total customer spend online was over €1 billion.

Slot revenues were up more than double to €29.4 million. Sportsbetting was second at €26.5 million, while table game revenues were up to €1.9 million.

The casino industry suffered due to the Covid-19 pandemic, as casinos were closed from March 16th to May 17th, and there have been multiple restrictions in place since that time. The industry will also see controls tightened for betting, as the government fights to combat money laundering and other crime.

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