Let me introduce you our research about bettors’ behavior during the COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic that swept the whole world in 2020 has, in one way or another, affected all betting offices. It seems that we have survived the first wave, but it is completely uncertain what will happen next. Uncertainty is the main catalyst for global crises. But right now, the price of competent analysis and objective assessment of probabilities is increasing. And this is exactly what we are doing here at Bethub.bet

To get more data on the situation among the players, we spoke with our users and asked them a few questions in order to understand how much and to what extent the pandemic has affected their financial situations and preferences in the game.

The first question was not related to bets – it related to the impact of the pandemic on the financial situation of our users: “How has your income changed during the pandemic?”

  • Income has not changed – 26%

  • Increased slightly – 8%

  • Has grown significantly – 4%

  • Fell slightly – 20%

  • Dropped significantly – 26%

  • I lost my job – 16%

The next question we asked was, “How has your sports betting spending changed during the pandemic?”

To understand how the game itself has changed, we asked users “How have your gambling preferences changed during the pandemic?”

  • Bet on leagues from traditional sports that were not canceled due to the pandemic – 56%

  • Began to bet on eSports – 30%

  • Began playing more in the casino – 11%

  • Began playing poker more – 3%

One of the most important questions that interested us was, “Did you use credit for gambling during the pandemic, even though you had never used it before?” It’s the use of borrowed funds that is one of the main markers of gambling addiction and one of the biggest negative impacts of gambling on the player.

  • Yes – 28%

  • No – 72%

The indicator seemed to us too high, and we thought that the survey participants might have inattentively read the question and answered only the first part of it. As we were interested in the impact of the pandemic, we decided to reformulate the question and divide it into two simpler ones:

  1. Did you use loan funds for betting before the pandemic?

  • Yes – 20%

  • No – 80%

2. Did you use loan funds for betting during the pandemic?

  • Yes – 23%

  • No – 77%

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