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Unibet Poker has a reputation for always having its players best interests at heart. There are no HUDs for a start. Everything is geared towards a level playing field. Now they’ve even started allowing you to exchange Unibet Open and Unibet UK Tour tickets for free.

It’s possible to win your way into the Unibet Open and Unibet UK Tour events online at Unibet Poker. There are various buy-in levels to suit all bankrolls and to make the tours as accessible to as many players as possible.

There are times when you may find you have a €50 Unibet Open ticket in your account but don’t feel like playing in a €50 buy-in game. You may be tired, running bad, or simply not fancy it. Whatever your reasons for not wanting to play, Unibet Poker understands and has made it possible to break your tickets down into smaller buy-in versions.

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Search for EXCHANGER in the tournament lobby and you’ll find all the current “tournaments” that can exchange your tickets. We say “tournaments” because they’re more like holding tanks. You buy-in with the ticket you want to exchange, a fake all-in tournament takes place and is completed in seconds, and everyone who registered has their tickets exchanged into smaller denominations.

Examples of the available EXCHANGER games available are:

Event Buy-in Prize Pool
EXCHANGER UK €50 to UK €5 50 5 x €5 Unibet UK Poker Tour
EXCHANGER UO €50 to UK €10 50 5 x €10 Unibet UO Poker Tour
EXCHANGER UO €25 to UO €4 25 6 x €4 Unibet Open
EXCHANGER UK €10 to UK €5 10 2 x €5 Unibet UK Poker Tour
EXCHANGER UO €10 to UO €2 10 5 x €2 Unibet Open
EXCHANGER UK €5 to UK €1 5 5 x €1 Unibet UK Poker Tour
EXCHANGER UO €4 to UO €1 4 4 x €1 Unibet Open
EXCHANGER UK €1 to UK €0.20 1 5 x €0.20 Unibet UK Poker Tour

The titles of the EXCHANGER tournaments show what your ticket will be exchanged into if you buy into it. It’s a great idea and one that gives Unibet Poker’s players more flexibility when it comes to playing online poker.


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Check Out This Unibet Poker Welcome Package

Signing up to Unibet Poker via PokerNews entitles you to a welcome bonus worth up to €200. This bonus is released into your account when you reach certain rake milestones, which means you’re constantly receiving more money as you play.

Once you rake €2 at the cash game tables or any tournament (or a combination of both), Unibet Poker places a €1 cash reward in your account. Rake €10 and an additional €4 cash is all yours. Once you’ve raked a total of €800, you’ll have received €200 in your account, equivalent of 25% cashback, which is a pretty sweet deal.

Level Rake Cash reward Reward %
1 €2 €1 50%
2 €10 €4 40%
3 €50 €15 30%
4 €150 €40 27%
5 €588 €140 25%

The bonus expires 60-days after you create your account so get your grind on and see how much cash you can earn.

In addition to the welcome bonus, new players are invited to four weekly €500 freeroll tournaments, which run on Sundays, receive an €8 cash game ticket when you make a deposit and four €4 Unibet Open tickets. There literally hasn’t been a better time to become a Unibet Poker player, so click the download link and start reaping the rewards straight away.

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