Laidley man bashes woman, security guard in brawl

A FATHER-OF-THREE who was released from jail two and-a-half years ago is lucky he isn’t back in prison.

Kenneth Shenton can’t remember much from his “vicious” fight at the QN Hotel in Laidley,

but CCTV footage shows him assaulting a security guard and a female bar staff member on July 25.

Gatton Magistrates Court heard Shenton, from Laidley, was involved in an altercation at the bar.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Al Windsor told the court that Shenton was arguing with two unknown people,

He said when Shenton went to leave, bar staff requested he stayed to prevent the fight spilling out onto the streets.

Shenton began pulling on the locked doors, and when she asked him to not damage the door he struck the female bar tender in the face with his right first.

Shenton then grabbed the security guard by the collar with his left hand and threw down a series of right-hand punches for about 10 to 15 seconds.

Sgt Windsor said that the security guard suffered bruising and swelling to his face.

Following the assault, two unknown men who Shenton was originally fighting with returned to the premises, and another fight erupted.

Kenneth Shenton, from Laidley, appeared in Gatton Magistrates Court. Photo: Facebook

Kenneth Shenton, from Laidley, appeared in Gatton Magistrates Court. Photo: Facebook

It spilt into the pokies room before the two unknown men left again.

Shenton continued his rampage in the bistro area, grabbing a receipt printer connected to a point of sales machine, throwing it across the room.

Seeing what happened, the bar tender attempted to stop Shenton’s actions by pushing him.

He retaliated by punching her, striking her in the face with a closed fist.

Seeing Shenton hit the bar tender, the security guard again tried to intervein, placing himself between the two.

“He grabbed the security guard and they fell through a side door of the premises onto the ground,” Sgt Windsor said.

That’s where police found Shenton.

“He was unable to recall most of the events due to his level of intoxication,” Sgt Windsor said.

The QN Hotel supplied CCTV footage to police, and on August 8, Shenton voluntarily attended the Laidley Police Station to participate in an interview.

Duty lawyer James Ryan represented Shenton in court and said the full-time landscaper went out with the intention of “writing himself off”.

“He doesn’t have any clear memories of the events and accepts in that situation he does have a problem with binge drinking,” Mr Ryan said.

Magistrate Peter Saggers appeared less than impressed by the events.

“It was violent behaviour, and violent behaviour concerning a woman, which in my view, makes it significantly serious,” Mr Saggers said.

“You have a partner, kids of your own and a stepchild and your working and supporting. You risk throwing all that away.

“What will happen to your partner and kids if you’re back in custody like you have been before?”

Shenton, who pleaded guilty to five charges, said his criminal history said otherwise.

“Generally, I’m not a violent person,” Shenton said.

“I’ve been out of jail for just over two-and-a-half years, and since then I’ve just had this incident.

“It was just a night out that turned sour and should never have happened.”

Shenton pleaded guilty to two counts of assault occasioning bodily harm, two counts of common assault and one count of wilful damage.

He was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment, deferred to parole.

For common assault to the bar tender he was sentenced six months imprisonment.

For assault occasioning bodily harm to the bar tender he was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment.

For common assault towards the security guard he was sentenced to six months imprisonment.

For assault occasioning bodily harm towards the security guard he was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment.

For wilful damage he was sentenced to three months imprisonment.

All sentences will run concurrently for 15 months imprisonment, with a parole date starting immediately.

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