Jimmy Kimmel Looks Back on COVID-19 in “Coronaversary” Special

During his Thursday show, the late-night host discussed the hardships the last year has brought and poked fun at viral Zoom moments with his first-ever Zoomy Award special.

Jimmy Kimmel took a trip down memory lane as he reflected on the “Year of Living Contagiously.”

During Thursday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the late-night host hosted what he dubbed his “first and hopefully last Coronaversary show.”

“One year ago today, the World Health Organization officially declared the coronavirus to be a pandemic and we’ve been spraying our bananas with Windex ever since,” Kimmel said during his opening monologue, also throwing rolls of toilet paper to audience members. “A year ago if somebody said ‘N95’ you’d think they were a Bingo caller. It meant nothing.”

Kimmel went on to discuss the hardships the last year has brought, such as being unable to see friends and loved ones or have physical contact without the fear of contracting the virus. “I miss physical contact so much, I applied for a job at Governor Cuomo’s office last month,” Kimmel jabbed of the New York governor currently facing a wave of controversy.

“Hard to believe we’ve been in for a whole year since people were dancing in clubs, people were eating in crowded restaurants, passing bongs around at the beach, partying like it’s 1999. It seems like yesterday and you know why? That was yesterday,” Kimmel said as he revealed the video footage of crowds of people filmed yesterday in Texas and Florida.

Kimmel’s “Coronaversary” special comes amid California issuing new guidelines that allow businesses such as movie theaters and gyms to reopen next week. “I’m gonna pretend I’m excited the gyms are opening back up,” Kimmel said. Meanwhile, Disneyland is anticipated to reopen in late April leaving Kimmel to note “in order to make a profit, they’re requiring each guest to eat 12 churros apiece. I could do that.”

Kimmel’s special also aired the same day President Joe Biden delivered his first prime-time address where he outlined his plan to make all adults eligible for vaccines by May 1 and raised the prospect of “independence from this virus” by the Fourth of July. Kimmel decided to take aim at former President Donald Trump, who also delivered his own virus-related address where he stated, “the risk is very very low.”

“That’s what they say about owning a casino and he bankrupted three of those,” Kimmel quipped. “I never get tired of seeing that. The whole time Captain Contagious was telling us it would go away. Forty times, he said this on TV alone. Unfortunately, saying ‘go away’ doesn’t work. It’s a virus. Not Eric.”

Later, Kimmel took a moment to recognize “the heroic men and women who deliver food to our homes,” as well as “all the many health care heroes.” He also recognized the “one business that has not been hurt by the pandemic”: Zoom. “Their revenue is up over 300 percent since March of last year,” Kimmel said before introducing the show’s first-ever Zoomy Award for the most comical viral Zoom mishaps. Kimmel honored Ron Ponton, who went viral for being unable to turn off a cat filter in his video settings during a meeting.

“I can’t tell you how meaningful it is today to be rewarded for my own screw-up on the camp zoom filter…I was glad I was able to give the world a laugh for a moment,” Ponton said as Kimmel comically placed a cat zoom filter on his face as he spoke.

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