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Create the game of Blackjack in Java.

Plan how to approach a way to create and code this game.

1. How the Game is played:

  • create a card

    ​ Aces can be 1 or 11, royal cards are worth 10

  • build a deck – shuffle deck

  • player places bet

  • deal card

  • player can hit or stand

  • player continues to play until stands or going over 21 and busts

    ​ (black jack = ace and jack wins!!)

  • dealer stands on 17 or better, hits on lower than 17 plays until stands or going over 21 and busts

    ​ (black jack wins!!)

  • winner with highest value wins.

  • Push : Dealer ties with Player.

  • issue chips betx2 if players wins.

  • Player loses bet if dealer wins.

  • Push: player gets bet returned.

2. Game Objects and Methods to consider using:

  • Card
    • card (value, suit): card’s face value and which suit it’s in.

    • .getValue : Get the face value of the card. If a royal card in play change value to 10

  • Deck
  • Create Deck using objCards to make 52 unique cards in Deck OR

    ​ Ceate a new cards when needed keeping track for no duplicates, simulate a 52 a deck of cards.

  • .shuffle : shuffle deck

  • .dealCards : deals card to players

  • black jack Hand
  • .findAce : find if there’s an Ace in play. Change Ace’s value to 1 or 11 to get 21 or best possible hand on the first draw
  • change royal value
  • Player
    • Create Player(playerName, chips) : Player Name, Starting chips
    • .bet : deduct initial bet from chips. optional: (simple validation: can’t under or over bet chips than current balance)
    • .setChips : private method: set the amount of chips based on: bet, winning, pushing.
    • .getChips: get the amount of chips player currently has.
  • Dealer/House – optional.
    • Dealer : has a hand

    • Deals Cards : Deal cards to players

    • .addUpCards : adds total of value for the Cards

    • .hit : request another Card

    • .stand : Stops playing at handTotal

  • StartGame
    • playGame : starts game
  • GameRound / virtTable
    • .round : Player through a round of blackjack
    • .endRound : decide outcome.


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