It’s Been Awhile

Well it’s been about two weeks since I last posted so I figured I could give everyone an update. Some of you might’ve listened to the podcast I had on Tens and Aces, if you haven’t, I recommend it for anyone who’s just starting to learn basic strategy or just learning how to count cards.

This week has been busy with things other than blackjack (snow mostly, my car doesn’t do well in the snow lol) so I’ve only made it twice to the casino. Last Tuesday I had my second biggest win ($685) but I kept getting weird looks from the pit boss soooo, another reason why I’m not going to the casino until next week. After my 160-hour downswing, I’ve been doing pretty well, I believe I’m up $5,200 in 6 weeks and 144 hours of play.

That’s it, keep grinding my friends, whether you’re a casual player or a fellow AP, enjoy the game.

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