Is There a Way to Tell If a Slot Machine is Going to Hit?

No, there’s no way to spot when a slot machine will hit, no matter how hard you try. Essentially, it’s because the game is completely automated, and the system doesn’t generate a win in one go.

All slot machines create outcomes individually with random number generators, which create a winning combination in seconds. However, no winning combo is predetermined; it all happens in the moment. Still, there are a few ways to increase your chances of winning at online casinos that we’ve listed below.

Is There a Way to Tell If a Slot Machine is Going to Hit?

How to Spot Loose Slot Machine Games: Common Myths

These are the three most popular myths from Las Vegas casinos that people still believe. While they get a lot of attention, it’s not going to improve your odds, however tempting it might be.

  1. Time the machines at land-based casinos by watching the progressive jackpot results as you play a machine next to it. While watching, you should note the wins and how long it’s been since a big win. Then, if you time it right, you can hit the jackpot and get rich quickly.
  2. According to some players, slot machines have cycles, and they will pay out eventually. Most players will then tell you to stay at the machine until you win more than once.
  3. Our next myth says you should stay away from machines that aren’t popular with other players. These gamblers believe that only the popular slot games pay, but you can ignore that. Most people are playing for fun and aren’t interested in the high payout machines.

Finding Loose Slots at Casinos

While you can’t spot a jackpot win, you can still find the best-paying slot machine offering bigger wins. We always recommend looking for loose slot machines with a high payout percentage and medium volatility as they hit more frequently.

If you want a specific list, we’ve reviewed plenty of slots with the best chances of hitting. To coincide with our recommended slots, you can sign up for our highly-rated casinos.

Each of our favorite sites offer you bonus cash and free spins to play slot machines for big wins. But we have to warn you against playing games for a long time. You will lose more than you win eventually because of the odds of the game.

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