Is Agile Performance Testing Really the Future of Software Delivery Technology

Agile software testing has so many laurels to its hat such as faster deliverables, small team squad, easy production thereby launching a dream software in a jiffy. Is that too good to be true? Well, yes, as some loopholes must be addressed to make it perform.

  • A Developer’s Show – Being at the final step of the ladder, the performance team gets the least resources and excessive pressure to deliver the software ASAP.
  • Functionality over Performance – How the software will perform in coherence with unique functions remains a mystery till it is rolled out in full swing.
  • Not that budget friendly, addition of new members and co-sitting environment puts a recurrent pressure on the finances.

Conclusion – DevOps and Agile must be executed together to make it work. The squad must be an all-rounder one, which makes assigning & shifting of tasks easier. Also, the software needs to be tested both in the beginning and in the end to give a better insight for a well-executed software delivery.

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