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average fouls per league in south america

October 5, 2020
Joe Turner

View Average Fouls by League and Location

FootyStats is putting fouls on the map, literally. We are delighted to launch Foul Map, the first of what we hope to be many interesting experiments in how we view football data. Visualizing data this way allows you to explore stats with ease and spot patterns in no time. If you like betting on card markets, you will love this new addition.

The new page plots each completed league from last season on an interactive map, showing the average fouls per game for that specific league. Each league is color-coded, with green signifying a competition with a low number of fouls and a red label showing that there’s a high number of fouls in each match played.

The map includes 350+ competitions and leagues from around the world, each with rich data-points that allow us to calculate the average you see. It’s fascinating to explore and spot differences in playing style, refereeing, and ultimately fouls.

Surprisingly, only one of the top ten comes from South America. Stay tuned to FootyStats News where we will be further dissecting the findings from this new page.

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