Industry (1) The Baccarat crystal works on the way out of the crisis – Pledge Times

The Nancy tribunal de grande instance on Wednesday ordered the convening of a general meeting of SA Baccarat, opening the door to an exit from the provisional administration of the luxury crystal factory. This general assembly could take place at the end of March, Eric Rogue (CGT), secretary of the central social and economic committee (CSEC), told AFP. In his order, the summary judge notes that the “Capital situation” of the crystal is “Clarified” and that the company appears “Properly managed”, the “Key positions” having “Been filled” and “Some frames replaced”. Placed under provisional administration since September 2020, the company, which came under the control of international funds since the bankruptcy of its owner, has undertaken not to relocate, restructure or outsource. No dividend distribution is permitted “In the absence of release of distributable profits”. S. G.

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