I play poker and do pretty well and thought about counting cards in blackjack and was wondering how hard it is and about how much the profit is? I live in SoCal so I don’t have too many options for casinos.

You have to memorize the perfect strategy for the game and then memorize a counting strategy and learn it to perfection. Altogether the learning aspect will take 100-200 hours I would say. Depends on the person and how dedicated you are.

As for profitability: you need cash to make cash, but It seems like you already have a bankroll ready to invest. 10k is pretty much the bare minimum for the work/reward ratio to be worth it. It’s about 20-30 an hour with less than 5% risk with that BR. If you scale that to 100k with the same risk it would be 200-300 an hour, so you can see how important maintaining and growing your BR is.

It’s a huge grind and I wouldn’t recommend hopping into it as your full time job until you establish your skills and have a proven track record. 200-300 hours of live casino play is generally enough to determine if your results are where they should be.

All in all, if you have the money and the skills it’s a really fun experience to beat the casino and it can give you a nice profit.

Side note: as you probably know the casino will kick you out if they know what you’re doing and could trespass you from their property, but if you don’t mind the adversity/heat from the casino, go for it. It really is a ton of fun and I’ve learned a lot about math/stats/money management that are very applicable in other areas of my life.

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