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Some things just go together like peanut butter and jelly: like Fox body Mustangs and 40-Series Flowmaster mufflers. Same can be said about Mustangs and Hurst shifters. Back in the day, a Hurst Comp stick and Plate Kit brought some muscle car styling back to the late-model Mustang interior. Old school is back, and fortunately Hurst continues to offer the popular Comp Stick and Plate Kit (P/N 5380036) for 1987-1993 Mustangs.

Hurst also introduced the new Blackjack Short Throw Shifter for 1983-2004 Mustangs with the T5 and T45 manual transmission (P/N 3916051). The shifter housing is CNC machined from billet 6061 aluminum, coated with a tough, black anodized finish with the Hurst logo CNC machined in the base plate. Other features include a hardened chromoly steel stick adapter, dual stick centering springs, hardened chromoly pivot pins and a durable Delrin pivot ball for positive, quiet operation. The shifter accepts countless shifter handle and knob options so you can customize the shifter action and feel to suit your style and taste. Shift stops keep you from bending shifter forks during the heat of battle. Hurst has been living, eating, and breathing shifters for decades, so using a Hurst shifter for this application is a no-brainer.

The Comp Stick and Plate kit’s white shifter ball and chrome-plated stick are muscle car icons. When combined with the Blackjack Short Throw Shifter, Hurst brings modern mechanical manners and muscle car flair to foxy Mustangs. This is going to be fun. Let’s get started!

Blackjack Shifter and Hurst Comp Stick/Plate Kit

To add some modern mechanicals and classic style to a Fox body Mustang, we combined the new Hurst Blackjack Short Throw Shifter, left (P/N 3916051), with the classic Hurst Comp Stick and Plate Kit, right (P/N 5380036)

Hurst 3916051

The Hurst Blackjack Short Throw Shifter (P/N 3916051) is a beautiful piece of engineering. The premium materials and finish mean business. The positive shift stops help prevent drivers from bending shift forks when going for the win.

Hurst 5380036

The Hurst Comp Stick and Plate Kit for 1987-1993 Mustangs includes a timeless white shifter ball and classic Hurst-embossed shifter stick.

5380036 plate close up

The Hurst-logoed top plate snaps in place of the factory piece for great finishing touch.

Stock 5.0L shifter setup

Here’s our factory shifter setup. While not bad for the era, the old shifter knob and boot’s styling is equally at home in an ’80s econobox. We also won’t miss the flaccid stock shifter mechanism.

We installed the Hurst stick using the supplied fasteners, lock washers, and a dab of threadlocker. Then, the Hurst top plate and boot were slipped over the shifter stick, then finally, the finishing touch: the shifter knob, which was secured with the jam nut.

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