How many mouse do you break in a year while playing poker?

As I am using my 3rd mouse within 8-10 months, I wonder, do they have so short lives in others’ hands, too?

I also ‘managed’ to break a hard-drive in this period, just hitting the desk, next to the laptop…

Generally, I am curious, how often and how much do you spend for computer equipments, related to playing online poker? What do you buy, why?

Within a year, I spent about 180-200$, mouses, head-set. Never would buy the expensive silent ones, if I wouldn’t play poker regularly. (Fortunately, the hard-drive had guarantee.)

Have you ever broken any tech, comp stuff because of poker made you upset?
(As I ‘executed’ one of the mouses, because of some unbelievable river 1-3 outs ‘bad-beat’ series…)

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