How Has The Pandemic Affected Premier League Football?

October 12, 2020
Joe Turner

Comparing Stats from 2020/2021 with 2019/2020

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the way football fans consume fixtures has changed drastically in 2020 but has the product itself changed? In this article—that will be continuously updated throughout the season—we will look at the difference in statistics between the Premier League in 2020/2021 and the 2019/2020 season which, for the most part, was COVID-free.

Are we seeing more goals, more fouls, more away wins? Players were starved of a traditional pre-season this year and can no longer rely on the home advantage that would so often come from the 12th man, the fans.

Goals Scored

Pandemic or not, the stats so far in the Premier League are unlike any recent season. We have seen 3.79 goals being scored per game. As a direct comparison, last season saw 2.72 goals per game. I’m not complaining, as more goals mean more exciting football. What’s interesting is that these additional goals are not being scored by what we would consider the “top six”, they are spread out, creating a Premier League that feels wide open after just 4 games played.

No team has scored more than Everton, who look ready to take advantage of a campaign that might present a team outside the usual suspects with a chance of Champions League football… Or more.

The goals per game in the Premier League in 2020/2021, compared with the previous season.

What might not surprise you, given the empty stadiums, is that away teams are having more joy this season. What may surprise you is just how much more joy they’re having. Last season, away teams averaged 1.21 goals per game. This season, without the pressure and intimidation from home fans, they have scored 2.03 goals per game. That’s a huge jump worth taking note of, even at this early stage of the season.

Away goals per game in the Premier League 2020/2021

Away Wins

So, away teams are scoring more goals, but are they winning more games? Absolutely. After 38 games played, visiting teams have come away with all 3 points 19% more than they did in the whole of 2019/2010.

Away wins in the Premier League in 2020/2021

50% of all games so far have ended in away wins.

Crystal Palace, Leeds, Brighton, Aston Villa, Fulham, and West Ham have all scored 3 or more goals in an away match. Incredible, given they have played just twice on the road. Last season you would have been lucky to see Crystal Palace score more than once. Period. In fact, over 50% of teams in the Premier League have scored 3 or more on the road this season.

This is a season like no other. At the time of writing, 84% of all fixtures have seen 2 or more goals being scored, with the most frequent scoreline being 0-3 to the away side. This has occurred 13% of the time (5/38).

Last season’s most frequent scoreline was 1-1, occurring 13% of the time (49/380). From the top 5 most frequent scorelines of 2019/2020, just 1 resulted in an away win, as you might expect. This season, however, only one of the top 5 frequent scorelines contains a home victory (1-0, 8%).

Stay Tuned

It’s still very early in the season to delve into other statistics just now, so stay tuned to FootyStats on Twitter, or save this article. We will be updating it regularly to compare this Premier League season with the previous campaign. This is set to be an exceptional season.

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