How do you get away with playing unrated?

TL:DR. Playing unrated won’t attract heat, but I suggest that you play rated until you get backed off. If you have been backed off, show Id to security but not the pit

Have you been backed off or trespassed? Who’s asking for it, the pit or security? If you’re under 40, 99% of the time you’re just being asked to check your age. If it’s security, it’s not really an issue, unless you’ve been officially trespassed. They won’t know or care about how many times you’ve been backed off. If you’ve been trespassed, they won’t let you in but if you don’t show id, they probably won’t let you in anyway. If it’s a pit boss asking, it’s still probably just to check your age… however, this can cause a problem if it’s a place that you’ve already been backed off at. If you’ve been backed off or you’re experiencing heat, never give your id to the pit. If you’ve never played there before, it’s probably just easier to show it but this is an answer that nobody can really answer for you, just use your best judgment.

As far as playing rated, I’ve never gotten any extra heat from playing as a refusal, even in places where I’ve been previously backed off. Ploppies play as refusals all the time, pits think nothing off it. Personally, I usually play rated until I get backed off. If you play unrated, you will be missing out on a lot of helpful comps, promotions, etc. once you get backed off, you’ll usually be able to go back undetected..

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