Hit a jackpot on Three Card Poker today!

Bought in for $200. Was playing $10 on ante, $10 on pair plus, and $5 on six card bonus, and the progressive bet. First hand was a loss. Second hand was a flush for $100 profit (five card flush on the six card bonus).

Before the next hand was dealt, a woman came in, sat in the anchor position, and bet two hands. I was dealt a pair of 7’s with a jack kicker. Was an obvious play. Dealer turned over 7, 7, 10. Was ecstatic because I had hit $500 on the six card bonus. Then realized I hit the 4OAK on the progressive bet. Won $2,500 on that.

Was a $2,500 profit for the day. Signed the W2G form, tipped the dealer $100, and left.

Also, question for ya’ll. I gave the pit boss my information, and noticed the tax ID # is one digit off my SSN. I assume they should be the same number. Does that discrepancy affect the forms that will be mailed at the end of the year?

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