Do you often go into your online casino gaming sessions wearing a lucky pair of socks? How about a few pre-game rituals? Well, thanks to Hexbreak3r, one of IGT’s latest online slots releases, you needn’t start hoarding a storeroom of lucky charms, as the game is quite adept at paying you as though luck is perennially on your side. This review will uncover some exciting reel and symbol functionality, while the free spins that lie in wait are never too far from being triggered. There are lots of visuals that you’ll perceive as unlucky, but worry not, you’re about to break your hex with some strong winning possibilities.

Hexbreak3r is the 3rd instalment in the Hexbreaker online slot machine series, which demonstrates just how successful this franchise is. IGT, the casino software studio responsible for the creation of Hexbreak3r and its predecessors, haven’t given the latest one too much of a facelift, but rather some innovative features in how the reels work. Speaking of IGT, they’ve dropped some very cool titles of late, with Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Ghostbusters Plus, making them the hottest house operating right now. Hexbreak3r might not have the themes like the one’s we just mentioned, but the graphics are on the same level. The theme, as you might have picked up, is all about unlucky symbols in the world of superstition.

There are 243 ways to win, meaning winning chances are
more significant than what could be considered average. This all happens across
five reels, setting players up for superb thrills. There’s an element of this
game that is truly unique, to us at least, and that is the maximum bet amount.
It stands as a whopping £2,400 per
spin, which is the biggest amount we’ve ever seen – by a country
mile. Even the minimum bet, although 80p, is also higher than average. We
suspect high rollers will feel right at home here, and embrace the challenge,
with players going for lower but consistent wins feeling a little intimidated.

Feature Symbols

This game will likely be for people that aren’t
superstitious at all, while some might use it as a vehicle for getting over
what they feel are silly superstitions. Most of the symbols are things you’d
rather not see if you’re a little squeamish at the sight of unlucky objects.
The icons that you actually want to land are these unlucky symbols, as they’re
the higher-value ones. There’s a doll with a pin in it, spilt salt, the number
13, a black crow and a black cat. The lower value icons are playing card suits,
being spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds.

The Hexbreak3r logo is the wild, which means it can
stand in for all regular icons to land winning paylines. It only lands on reels
2, 3 and 4. The bonus symbol also only appears on these reels, while the
horseshoe pointing downwards can appear on any reel position.

Bonuses and Jackpots

There’s an interesting feature here that involves the
horseshoe. Should it land on any reel, it will make the reel expand up by
several rows, adding to the number of paylines. This can also result in wins
occurring. If the reels expand high enough, they can reach the Luck Zone, where
you can achieve another bonus symbol, or on reel three you can reach the face
of a black cat for the jackpot. The Luck Zone awards cash prizes.

As mentioned, there’s a free spins feature, and this
one gets triggered whenever three or more bonus symbols land on the reels on
the same spin, or by reaching the other bonus icon in the luck zone.

Play Hexbreak3r at PartyCasino

There are more features that Hexbreak3r hosts, although some of them are relatively standard, such as symbol replacements plus more hidden symbols through the luck zone. It appears that IGT is making the slot machines online in this series more bonus heavy by each release, which is great in our books. The maximum bet is a bit ridiculous, but there’s obviously no need to go that high. Time to turn that luck around and make your superstitions a thing of the past.

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