Hellmuth Shows How Not To Ever Enjoy Kings, Trash Speaking Polk Competes on ‘High Stakes Poker’

Phil Hellmuth dropped target towards the seven-deuce bluff, and Doug Polk made their very first look ever regarding the latest bout of “High Stakes Poker” on PokerGO. Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan, and Bryn Kenney additionally starred in the lineup that is star-studded

Phil Hellmuth Polk pokerPhil Hellmuth Polk poker

Tom Dwan, Phil Ivey, and Phil Hellmuth all competed in the High Stakes Poker that is same episode. (Image: PokerGO)

Ivey didn’t final long, however, and never because he busted quickly. The Poker Hall of Famer left the overall game early because he had beenn’t feeling well. The overall game had been nevertheless quite entertaining with no poker legend.

Polk made one of the best laydowns in “High Stakes Poker” history, as commentator Gabe Kaplan proclaimed. He tangled with Hellmuth in a hand that is memorable. The “Poker Brat,” holding Q-10, raised Polk’s $7,000 bet on the flop of J-9-8 all-in to $97,000.

Despite having a straight and the second nuts (10-7), Polk tanked for a minutes that are few. Almost every poker player worldwide might have snap-called here and discovered out of the news that is bad were coolered by the only hand that beat them. But not a world-class pro like Doug Polk, who also recently insulted the heads-up game of both Fedor Holz and Wiktor “Limitless” Malinowski on Twitter, for some reason that is odd

Somehow, a way, he chatted himself into a fold then revealed their fingers. One other players during the dining table had been stunned he could fold such a monster. Brandon Steven, a Kansas dealership owner and player that is recreational even criticized the play.

“It’s just a fold,” Polk said as he mucked his cards face-up.

“It’s not a fold,” Steven responded. “Are you crazy?”

“I don’t think I can call,” Polk answered back.

“I don’t think you can fold. He has queen-ten, pay the man and let’s go on to the next hand,” an oddly irritated Steven continued.

Never if he has queen-ten Enjoy Pocket Kings Like Phil Hellmuth Did on HSP

If you’re looking an exercise video clip on how best to play pocket kings, it is most readily useful in the event that you don’t view this week’s episode of “High Stakes Poker.” Or, at least do precisely the reverse of exactly what Phil Hellmuth did in a tactile hand against James Bord.

Hellmuth limped in under-the-gun with those pocket kings. You’d expect the trap was being set by him for a three-bet, but which wasn’t the truth. Bord, keeping 7-2 of diamonds, obliged aided by the raise to $2,000 but the “Poker Brat” only made the decision, establishing a trap in a way that is different. The problem that is only he wound up trapping himself into a fold.

After the flop arrived 4-6-A with one diamond, Hellmuth examined it up to their opponent who bet out $3,000. The change had been a diamond that is second6). Bord fired out $15,000 and the 15-time bracelet winner and self-proclaimed no-limit hold’em player that is best on the planet folded their pocket kings.

“Good fold,” a Bord that is sarcastic said he showed the bluff.

Surprisingly, Hellmuth refrained from a meltdown. But he did make sure to let Bord know that he will be ahead overall for the

“High day Stakes Poker” is available on-demand regarding the PokerGO software (compensated registration needed). Brand new episodes of this reboot period are released each at 5 pm PT.


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