Halloween Hide-and-Seek Boom Card Game: Speech therapy, fall, digital game

Note: this download opens a PDF file that contains a link to add the Boom card game to your Boom Learning library (along with instructions and a list of speech-language goals).

Real-life puppies Ivy and Rosie are playing Halloween hide-and-seek! Hide and find objects within 3 different Halloween scenes! This resource includes visuals for describing and comparing/contrasting Halloween items. It can also be used to work on the following:

*Specific vocabulary including attributes/adjectives

*Negation (e.g., “Ivy was NOT under the ____”)

*Pronouns (e.g., he/she, him/her, his/her, they)

*Direction-following by giving mouse control or using annotate to move or circle objects

*Location concepts or prepositions

*Who, what, where questions about each scene

*Explaining word relationships (e.g., How does witch go with broom?)

*Answering critical thinking / inference questions such as “why?” or “how can you tell?” (e.g., “How can you tell that she is a witch?”)

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