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3rd try to even post on this sub. Y’all are as bad as support on FanDuel. Guess I should stick with filing a complaint with the local government gaming board.

FanDuel locked my account for 24hrs before I could bet

How is it good customer service to lock a new customers account for 24 hours on superbowl Sunday? No I don’t have multiple accounts. If uber and Google and waze and all these other apps can get my location in a few seconds you should be able too as well.

The app, the app on another device, and the geocomply could not verify my location.

Spoke with support 3 times. First time the online chat guy said nothing was wrong, and then looked again and said I was locked for 24 hours. No offer or way to fix it. Just too bad so sad. No new customer 55 to 1 odds on the superbowl for you.

Is this enough detail to be allowed as a post? Seems it wasn’t and I have to post as a reply. Can’t let bad service be a headline.

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