$Freeroll NLHE MTT: What cruelty to flirt AQo SB

I thought a lot about giving up because of the bubble and being out of position, but my image was good. I would have the chance of shovy but I discarded because of the bubble and for being short stack and not putting pressure on opponents. But anyway I was very stupid in this hand for two reasons. First lack of attention:
I didn’t notice the big stack until he called my allin, I thought I was shoving from LID nor did I notice his check flop. So this erroneous reaction as a short as I had only flipped in early positions took him out of the range of Aces, even more who opened two aces on the flop.
And the second mistake was lack of attention$Freeroll NLHE MTT: What cruelty to flirt AQo SB as well: The statistics of the super NIT and without aggression factor and the went to show dawn of 50 and 99 of victories in the showdawn … him in hand …

Winning Poker, Hold’em No Limit – 150/300 (30 ante) – 8 players
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AllinIgorM (UTG): 9,325 (31 bb)
1MilhaoSemNada (UTG+1): 4,305 (14 bb)
Matiusa_94 (MP): 10,677 (36 bb)
cris64 (MP+1): 5,813 (19 bb)
Sdub2020 (CO): 23,317 (78 bb)
EverLast11 (BU): 4,822 (16 bb)
_snowball_ (SB): 8,035 (27 bb)
kiwiwizard (BB): 5,063 (17 bb)

Pre-Flop: (690) Hero (1MilhaoSemNada) is UTG+1 with 5 5
1 fold, 1MilhaoSemNada (UTG+1) raises to 600, 1 fold, cris64 (MP+1) calls 600, 2 players fold, _snowball_ (SB) calls 450, 1 fold

Flop: (2,340) 2 4 A (3 players)
_snowball_ (SB) checks, 1MilhaoSemNada (UTG+1) bets 3,675 (all-in), cris64 (MP+1) folds, _snowball_ (SB) calls 3,675

Turn: (9,690) K (2 players, 1 all-in)

River: (9,690) A (2 players, 1 all-in)

Total pot: 9,690

1MilhaoSemNada (UTG+1) shows 5 5 (two pair, Aces and Fives)
(Equity – Pre-Flop: 54%, Flop: 24%, Turn: 11%, River: 0%)

_snowball_ (SB) shows Q A (three of a kind, Aces)
(Equity – Pre-Flop: 46%, Flop: 76%, Turn: 89%, River: 100%)

_snowball_ (SB) wins 9,690

Whoever fears to be defeated is sure of defeat.

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