Freeroll final table

Hi guys, something funny happened to me yesterday and I thought I should share it with you.

A few days ago I won a 1€ ticket in a unibet freeroll. Yesterday I registered with it to a higher freeroll where the first 7 won a 5€ ticket and the 8th place won 4€ cash. Fast forward, I get to the final table, the last 9 out of 40 something. I’m on 8th position with 30 chips less than the guy on the 7th position. Last place was very short stacked so he gets eliminated fast.

So now I have a decesion to make. Either I try and get the 8th position for the 4€ cash, or I fight for the 5€ ticket and risk not winning anything since I had to play another tournament with it to win a 25€ ticket.

The decision was easy for me, I wanted that 4€ cash. Please comment what you think, if it was the smart thing or not. So we are last 8, I’m last position in chips. The guy with 40 chips more goes all in instantly so quickly realise I’m not the only one targeting that 4€ cash lol. My cards were 7 4, I call and think for sure I will lose this one. Turns out, he has 7 4 also and we split the pot lmfao.

Next hand, he’s all in again. Now I had to think for a while. I have J K , for sure I will win with this hand, which is no good for me. But I decide to call and go all in since I felt it was my only and last chance, so why the heck not. Chip leader calls also so we go in it 3 way. Here comes the flop, nobody pairs. The guy I’m fighting with has 9 3 in hks hand. At this moment I’m praying so hard to lose,, but I lose hope.

Then, a freaking miracle. My brother in arms pairs his 3, an amazing turn for us, river is something random so I lose, I get the 8th place and secure my 4€ in cash lolFreeroll final table

But this is not over. I was feeling amazing so I said let’s play heads up with 1€ buy-in. Fast and furious I play 2 games and I’m down to 1.99€. now when I try to play a cash game, I cannot since the minimum buy in is 2€. I have made a blunder. So I decide to play another heads up, and hope I get 1€ back. Fast forward 10 min into thr game, I have 500 cheaps, the other guy 1500. He 3 bets, I have Q 7 suited so what the heck I’m all in. He calls. But guess what, he has aces. No big deal, I make a full house and double up lol. Few hands later I bust him out so I make 1€ back.

So what do I do next? With my 2.80 remaining euros, I go to a cash game and make 7.50€ out of it in 1 hour playing my best poker. Don’t worry, I will lose it pretty soon haha.

I had a lot of fun during all this and busting out with K J against 9 3 was hilarious. Hope you had fun reading this, cheersFreeroll final table

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