Free DK and MGM money you may be overlooking.

Ok, so on draftkings most people know about the crowns that you earn by placing bets. It used to be that you could only redeem these for tickets to fantasy contests. I didn’t want to mess with that so I ignored them. By the time DK allowed you to redeem for DK dollars (1x playthrough) I had 98,000 of them which turned into about 180 dollars, so that was cool.

But, you may not know that if you go to the daily fantasy section of DK, click on rewards, then click on daily rewards, and you will receive a cash or crowns reward every day. It’s based on how many crowns you’ve earned the previous month which puts you on one of 6 tiers. I am currently on Diamond (25,000 crowns earned last month) which rewards $1 to $5 every day or about $60 every month. Next month, due to a sweet email challenge, I qualified for Black tier, their top tier, and that tier has daily cash rewards of $5 to $75 or about $550 per month. No matter what tier you’re on though, you WILL get something free everyday, you just have to click on the tab every single day to collect that day’s gift.

Now onto MGM. They have their rewards program which is mainly for land based casinos but you earn online as well. Click on My Account and then click Loyalty/M Life and then M Life Loyalty Store to see what your rewards points balance is and what you can buy. Bored one day I clicked on the loyalty program to see what it was about, and lo and behold I was accumulating points and could buy sports betting credits with them. I had 30,000 points which I redeemed for $400 dollars worth of Sports Bonus money which is basically like DK Dollars with a 1x playthrough. I had no idea about their rewards program so that was like found money to me.

Hopefully this helps someone else find their free money

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