Excluding blackjacks who has the overall edge with an Ace, dealer or player?

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OK, we all want aces. It’s the most valuable card for the player.
However, excluding players and dealers blackjacks,
who’s got the overall edge with an ace at 6D, S17, DAS, no RSA and no LS?
With two cards soft hands, I believe the players advantage to be around 16,7%. Right?
However, I can’t figure out what’s the overall dealer’s advantage with upcard Ace against any two card combination, including 17-18-19-20.
Page 443 of BJA gives the answer for each player’s hand, but it’s tough to figure out the overall dealer advantage since it must be adjusted with the frequency of each hand.


I used the WoO’s table for 6D S17: see


I found that, if neither the player nor the dealer has a BJ, then when the dealer has an A upcard, the player’s EV is about -9.5%. The only +EV hands are 10, 11, 19, and 20: everything else is -EV.

Hope this helps!

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