Effective Regression Testing Approach for Core Banking

More and more enterprises are going digital in order to cater to the growing needs of end users and banking industry is no exception to it. Many banks are moving towards launching digital banks to minimize branch count and thereby reducing the overheads associated with operating branches. Also with the increased usage of Internet and anytime banking, need for having multiple branches is coming down. This opens up some of the challenges specific to testing such as testing frequent releases catering to multiple user profiles, applications being used in variety of browsers and mobile devices, identifying application interdependencies, addressing regulatory requirements in short span of time and so on.

The answer to these challenges is a robust regression-testing framework. Enhops has a proprietary homegrown Dependency Driven Test Technique to overcome the regression testing challenges in Banking and Financial Systems. To know more, down the whitepaper at http://www.enhops.com/whitepaper-effective-regression-testing-approach-core-banking

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