Earn up to $100 through Valentine’s at GGPoker

PokerStrategy.com and GGPoker have once again teamed up to bring you a special promotion in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

Simply invite your friends and play together at GGPoker, then both you and your referred friends can earn up to $20 in cash and tournament tickets. What’s more, if you invite five or more friends, you can increase your personally tally to up to $100.

The first $10 in tourney tickets for each you and your friend will be credited once the referred player made a first deposit and both of you have earned at least 1 StrategyPoint at GGPoker during the promotion period (February 12-28). Another $10 in cash for you and your referred friend await once both of you have racked up a total of 50 StrategyPoints during the same time.

The max reward of $100 can be reached if you refer at least five friends during the promotion, each of them makes their first deposit and then you and all your newly referred friends earn at least 50 StrategyPoints at GGPoker.

Valentine's Day at GGPoker

How to take part:

  • Refer a friend through our Tell-a-Friend system from February 12-28.
  • Tell them to create an account through PokerStrategy.com at GGPoker, entering their GGPoker account name in their PokerStrategy.com profile.
  • Ask them to make their first deposit and earn at least 1 StrategyPoint at GGPoker.
  • Earn 1 StrategyPoint yourself at GGPoker and you and your friend will both receive $10 each in tournament tickets.
  • If you both continue to earn a total of 50 StrategyPoints at GGPoker until February 28, you will both receive another $10 each in cash.
Valentine's Day at GGPoker

The rewards are credited directly to your and the referred player’s account once the criteria has been met, with the initial tickets being valid for a total of 30 days before expiring.

Additionally, you can profit from our usual Tell-a-Friend rewards of up to $500 on top while taking part in the Valentine’s promo, while your referred friends can benefit from the full initial welcome bonus of 100% up to $600 at GGPoker as well. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to spread the love!

Please note that StrategyPoints as well as promo rewards are credited each Tuesday at GGPoker. Only referred friends registered between 12/02 – 28/02 and later are eligble

More details on our Tell-a-Friend rewards

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