Don’t Forget The Best Super Bowl Betting Event: The Puppy Bowl

  • Team Ruff has -140 odds to win the Puppy Bowl.
  • Sports bettors are leaning in favor of a male pup to win MVP at -135 odds.
  • The Puppy Bowl will kick off just before the Super Bowl.

ALTOONA, Iowa – It’s that time of year yet again where the best teams will face off in a nail-biting clash that will have sports bettors on the edge of their seats for who will be champion. We are of course talking about the 17th annual Puppy Bowl matchup that will be airing just before Super Bowl 55.

Sports bettors will be able to wager on which team will win as well as which pup will go home the game’s MVP.

While Puppy Bowl XVII won’t have sports bettors placing major action at legal sports betting sites, the factors behind it still add much excitement. Who will win the Lambarky Trophy?

This year’s Puppy Bowl will be hosted by Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart and will see 70 adoptable puppies faceoff in an adorable matchup where the team that brings the most balls past the opponent’s goal wins.

While there are no pregame stats of the given teams, sports bettors are leaning in favor of Team Ruff to take the win.

Puppy Bowl XVII – Winner

  • Team Fluff EVEN
  • Team Ruff -140

Both teams are made up of random rosters, meaning taking the favored odds on Team Ruff or the EVEN odds on Team Fluff are just as plausible to win. The game could go either way.

But it should be noted, Team Fluff is the defending champions.

For dedicated sports bettors, the league is trying out a new Wisdom Panel dog DNA test that is meant to show how a given breed mix may have an advantage. This will be explained throughout the game, which may affect live in-game betting odds.

“With the Wisdom Panel™ dog DNA test, we’ll find out what’s beyond those big puppy-dog eyes and how each dog’s breed mix might give them an advantage on the field,” said the league in a statement about the annual event. “We’ll see their skills play out in the brand-new GEICO Stadium, where these adoptable players have even more room to rumble and fumble!”

Entertainment bettors can even bet on the MVP on the Puppy Bowl, which current odds have a male dog winning.

Super Bowl LV – MVP Winner

  • MVP Is A Male -135
  • MVP Is A Female -105

Female Labrador retriever-chow mix Gina was voted Puppy Bowl MVP in last year’s game. Sports bettors are possibly expecting voters to choose a male this year since a female was chosen last time.

The Puppy Bowl is just another major event surrounding Super Bowl 55 and can give Super Bowl betting fans even more action to wager on. The puppies will battle it out on Sunday, February 7 at 2 p.m. ET airing on Animal Planet.

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