Digital Transformation of Gaming

Board games and simple games of skill using stones or cards were the earliest form of games as a whole.

The 20th century saw how these traditional games underwent a total transformation to the digital realm.

Take a look at the examples of how games underwent a digital transformation below.

Online Casino Games

Gambling and casino were mostly attributed to grand establishments that catered to the needs of those who had money to spare.

Poker, roulette, slots and baccarat were fan-favorites and thus were the first ones to be digitized. Websites such as Gclub opened up and allowed players to bet on their favorite games anytime, anywhere.

The best platforms cater to both computer and mobile crowd, with optimized pages and apps designed for the small screen.

Betting on ทางเข้าGclub and other casino sites is as easy as creating an account, topping up and clicking or tapping on the games they want to play.

Board Games

As technology and hardware advance so do the capability of producing sharper graphics. Board games, mostly relegated to tabletops are now available to download in smartphones.

With the help of AI and programming the rules of say, Monopoly are kept in the background and ensure a smoother flow of play. Computing how much you won and the properties you have are taken out of your hands, thus allowing for better immersion.

Outdoor Games

The rise of AR, or augmented reality has made playing outdoor games a part of the digital transformation.

Pokemon Go is a global AR based game that shows the current capability of smartphones and cameras. Then came the Oculus Rift and its VR tech to immerse gamers like never before.

Before, outdoor games were devoid of any device or technical hardware- it was just a group of people and their imagination. Today, tools and mobile accessories help with some of its aspects and make the experience more enjoyable.




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