Deviating/Modifying GTO Charts

I was wondering… (I can not answer myself even closely)

What happen if I take out of the charts the low equity marginal PFR combos (about 10% of them. I’m using poker coaching ones) and I also reduce my 3-bet bluffs (about 25%) and calling overall with some strong-ish 3-bet fold hands (say AQo)

Does my EV is going to change a lot or just a little bit?

I am aware that GTO charts should not be blinded followed and adjustments have to be done when playing with different opponents

The reasons i ask this is because I find it difficult to balance my range post flop with all the recommended GTO combos and a lot easier after I constructed my new ranges on equilab (pretty much what’s described above)

I played with this new ranges and I’ve found myself much more calm playing as I kinda felt to have more under control
Also, variance seemed lower even though I haven’t played enough with these slightly tighter ranges

I only play ~ ABI 12 on stars mainly and I can see players do play decently well!

My main question is: does 3-bet bluff less (overall) and taking off the least EV hands on the charts affect my game a lot?

Not sure if the question is a good one or not but I can’t answer myself so I decided to ask you here guys

Thank you for all your opinions/answers

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