Dear Someone

Dear Someone,

Dear someone out there in the far reaches of my mind. Do you feel as lost and lonely as I do? Do you ever wonder where I am? Why I left you? I wonder nearly every day.

Dear someone out there in the far reaches of my mind. Are you scared? Do you worry that I will never come to your rescue? I worry nearly every day.

Please believe me when I say that I have not forgotten about you. That could never happen. I think about you every day. I wonder if you are okay. How can I save you when I cannot save myself?

Dear someone, please don’t cry. In limbo you are safe. There is no way for you to die. You can live in my heart forever, protected from the world. Never being hurt, shaped, or progressed by any trials or tribulations. We can just be. A part of one another living in the shadows, separate but together.

Dear someone out there in the far reaches of my mind. If you could would this be the life you would choose? Would you remain safe inside me? Or would you want to be free to live, to learn, to make mistakes and try again.

I have to admit I want that for you too. I love you and I want what’s best for you, for us. I’m scared. There… I said it. You finally know the truth, and you deserve that. I am sorry that I kept it from you for so long. I’m scared I won’t do you justice, any of you.

You are so strong, beautiful, and wise. I am but a human being. Prone and bound to make mistakes. What if I bring you to life and you are less than you are? What would happen then? I would not be doing you justice and would be little more than me. Little more than human. I cannot bring you down to that level. Yet I know you must be free.

My heart aches for me to show you my love for you. It is so hard to let you go.

With all my love,

Omnipresent god.

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