Dantabase Top 25 & Week 5 Recap | The College Experience (Ep. 293)

Dantabase Top 25 & Week 4 Recap | The College Experience (293)

Dantabase Top 25 & Week 4 Recap | The College Experience (293)

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Podcast Recap

The College Experience on the Sports Gambling Podcast Network recaps all of this college football week 5 slate. The guys Colby (@TheColbyD) & Patty C (@PattyC831) break down each game and reveal who the real winners of the week were. Plus, the fellas reveal the brand new Dantabase Top 25 rankings. Is Alabama the best team in the country? How is Texas still ranked? Georgia’s defense the best in college football? Can BYU continue to roll? Is Iowa State the team to beat in the Big 12? Is North Carolina overrated in the ACC? We talk it all on this edition of The College Experience.

Dantabase Top 25

1. Clemson

2. Miami (FL)

3. BYU

4. Louisiana

5. SMU

6. Oklahoma State

7. Alabama

8. Georgia

9. Coastal Carolina

10. Florida

11. North Carolina

12. Cincinnati

13. Virginia Tech

14. Tennessee

15. Marshall

16. Iowa State

17. Kansas State

18. NC State

19. Arkansas

20. Mississippi State

21. LSU

22. Virginia

23. Ole Miss

24. UAB

25. UCF

“The College Experience” is the premier college football and basketball betting podcast. “The College Experience” is hosted by Colby Dant (@TheColbyD) aka ‘The Dantabase’ with his co-host Patty C (@PattyC831). The guys give out all the picks you need to cash tickets for both college football and college basketball.


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